Undertake the design, production and manufacture of electric power products with different requirements

Fine production, practical, high - price ratio and other advantages well received by customers!
Cropping Shear Line

Rich experience - master core technology

Over the past ten years, keying has been focusing on the development, production and sales of electrical equipment.We have professional r&d team, standard production assembly line, experienced engineers, perfect management concept and system.

Independent research - product patents

Independent research and development of reactor special shear punching production line, automatic laminated transverse shear line and other electrical equipment.With a number of patented products, to undertake a variety of different requirements of the design and production of power products and manufacturing.

High quality - high cost performance

Specializing in supply chain management of electrical equipment and electrical materials, import, export, project contracting, consulting management and other businesses, representing the high quality technical system of high-end equipment manufacturing from Europe and China.

Quality assurance - efficient service

Free on-site installation and commissioning of engineers and professional technical training.Answer trouble or technical questions by phone or in writing.

About CanWin

China's high-end equipment professional manufacturers

Guangdong CANWIN Automatic equipment co,  ltd is one of the largest professional manufacturers of electrical equipment in China and a global leading brand of silicon steel sheet cutting equipment (private enterprise). We has passed the system certification of Iso9001, Iso14001 etc, and has set up" Jiangmen engineering technology research center","Guangdong technical engineering center Guangdong joint training base for postgraduates", and won the title of"National High Salary Enterprise

The trademark "CanWin" has won the title of the famous trademark of the international electrotechnical association and the trademark CANWIN CNC" has been recognized as a high -end manufacturing brand in China. We has been judged as Guangdong province enterprise that strictly contracts and keeps promises" and won the honor of"excellent supplier of Chinese electrical equipment" successively. The company has a number of national patents, and won the Guangdong provincial department of science and technology major project award the first set of domestic new products award; The company is a key enterprise in the field of electric power electrical equipment manufacturing in China, and a core professional equipment supplier of state grid, China southern power grid and many listed companies in the electric power industry. Its products are exported to countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the United States



We have been working hard to meet the needs of global partners and continue to develop and innovate

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